Walking with Grief Traces – entangled voices

Anastasis Sarakatsanos created a beautiful soundtrack from the audio files from Walking With Grief and compiled them all into one piece. Take some time to reflect on and remember the first week of the DOTE year of listening, the week of Walking with Grief. This took place back in September 2022 as the first moment in the DOTE year of listening.

As part of Walking with Grief, participants listened to each other and shared their stories. In order for the walks and the listening circles to exist, they must be in relation to each other: how are we connected in the different places we are walking in, in the different experiences of grief that we are experiencing? In other words, where did you start and where did you end?


Walking with Grief Traces: entangled voices is composed and edited by Anastasis Sarakatsanos

Walking with Grief Artists:
Giath Taha, Deirdre Donoghue, Dina Mohamed, Ian Nesbitt, Zeinab Charafeddine, Anne Gehring & Johan Sonnenschein, Aterraterra (Fabio Aranzulla & Luca Cinquemani), Blitz (Giorgia Mirto, Angelo Sicurlla, Giulia Crisci, Margherita Ortolani, Vito Bartucca), Natasja van ‘t Westende, Agnes Matthews, Lina Issa.

Created by the crew of Dancing on the Edge:
Natasja van ‘t Westende, Agnes Matthews,
Lina Issa, Mazen Al Ashkar, Fatma Bulaz, Fazle Shairmahomed

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