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In Conversation with Krystel Khoury

Krystel is a Cultural Manager, Researcher, and Dramaturge. Born in Beirut, Lebanon. Living and locked down in Brussels, Belgium. ‘[Our conversation] started with the lockdown

In Conversation with Setareh Fatehi

Setareh is a choreographer. Born in Tehran, Iran. Living in Amsterdam and Tehran. Locked down in Amsterdam.   ‘I thought about the effort that it

In Conversation with Martha Bouziouri

Martha is a theatermaker, social anthropologist, artistic director of the International Network of Documentary Theatre Born, living and locked down in Athens, Greece.   ‘The

In Conversation with Mariem Guellouz

Mariem is a dancer, choreographer, and director of Cartage Choreographic Days. Born and living in Tunis, Tunisia. Locked down in Paris, France. ‘I remember how

In Conversation with Astrit Ismaili

Astrit is a performance Artist. Born in Prishtina, Kosovo. Living and locked down in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ‘Many times i’m just the wind and often

In Conversation with Enkidu Khaled

Enkidu is a theatermaker. Born in Baghdad, Iraq. Living and locked down in Brussels, Belgium   ‘It’s scientifically proven that if you watch three art

->->->->-> read mooooooooooore ->->->->-> go deeper, not further ->->->->-> the online magazine for artistic dialogue
->->->->-> read mooooooooooore ->->->->-> go deeper, not further ->->->->-> the online magazine for artistic dialogue
->->->->-> read mooooooooooore ->->->->-> go deeper, not further ->->->->-> the online magazine for artistic dialogue

Dancing on the Edge/DOTE Magazine

DOTE Magazine is a publication initiated by Dancing on the Edge. Want to contribute? Read the footer of this page.

Dancing on the Edge is an artistic platform that moves between different borders, bodies, disciplines, histories and (pre)conceptions. In its working processes and programming, it attempts to challenge singular narratives and identities in representation as well as dominant power structures and (post)colonial relations.
Dancing on the Edge is based in Amsterdam, and works both locally and globally, especially with artists and practioners from the Middle East and North Africa and its diaspora.

Every two years, we invite our audiences for a multidisciplinary and multi-city festival to embark with us on a personal and collective journey, to unpack themes and urgencies, and to undergo the potentials of the encounter that the festival can provide. The next festival will be in Spring 2022. Besides the festival, there is ongoing programming throughout the year, like performances, exchange projects, and online workshops. Besides that, we offer opportunities for professionals, such as training and residencies. Check out the website of Dancing on the Edge here.

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