We Do Not Have a Home

A few words of reflection that Reza Mirabi wrote about his BAU AIR DOTE residency in June 2022. Reza invited his close friends, farmer and percussionist Khaled Abdou, Cellist Sheng-Chiun Lin and sound artist Karl Chouery to re-imagine their languages, melodies, and rhythms together. Using listening as an entrance point into choreographic storytelling.

“We do not have a home”, my grandfather often insisted, “Persians basically do not have a home except in our stories, in our poetry and songs.”

Come closer
inhabit my missing places
If we are threatened
with losing our past
we can always create a new one.
Displaced Memories
Fictive homes
For as we live in fugitive times
and fugitive times require fugitive epistemologies

4 weeks
Tracing the stories
that live inside our bodies
Listening To Stones
Dancing with mountains
Rehearsing Softness
Struggling to remember languages we once knew

During the BAU AIR DOTE residency, Reza Mirabi deepened his research into what he calls choreographic storytelling. Read more about Reza’s residency.

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