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Since 2011, the start of the Syrian uprising, the disappearance of several pigeon fanciers (kashash) across the lands is evidence of how Syrian skies have become a maelstrom of fire. The cities’ rooftops, previously occupied by many kashash, now serve as vantage points for all forms of authoritative representation, if not turned into ground zero rubble.

Together with six Syrian artists and six researchers, curator Alma Salem explores the traditional Syrian practice of pigeon training, the stories behind it, and its space in the collective Syrian memory. KASHASH, its artworks, its artists, its researchers, and its pigeons reclaim the rooftops as personal and intimate transcendental popular spaces.

KASHASH is an artistic research project, (video) installations, a context program, an online graffiti campaign, also an upcoming educational toolkit and a publication. It is the first project by Syria Sixth Space, a new, independent, non physical, contemporary curatorial platform. A conceptual space where artists and audiences can meet, free from the limitations of geographical borders, time boundaries and censorship. It stimulates innovative digital and virtual art forms and attempts to make visible the invisible.

Participating authors & artists:

Hassan Abbas (academic and writer), Rasha Abbas (writer), Basel Abdo (technician and IT expert), Ziad Adwan (playwright), Dima Al-Chukr (critic and writer), Abed Al-Hakwati (filmmaker), Sarmad Al-Jilane (activist and journalist), Abdullah Alkafri (playwright and arts manager), Jumana Al-Yasiri (researcher and arts manager) Khaled Barakeh (visual artist), Ibrahim Fakhri (graffiti/visual artist), Omar Imam (photographer), Hanan Kassab Hassan (art scholar and writer), Liwaa Yazji (filmmaker, writer and poet), Anita Mouccadem (designer), Khalil Younes (visual artist), Marieke Odekerken (photographer), Astrid Rijbroek(academic), Mey Seifan (choreographer), Liwaa Yazji (filmmaker, writer and poet), Natasja van’t Westende (programmer and arts manager), Wannous Dima (critic and writer), Esther Wienese (writer).

KASHASH calls for peaceful Syrian skies, free from hostile war planes. A no-fly zone, a safe zone and a green zone to stop the bloodshed. 

Through arts and dialogue KASHASH intends to break the silence and reclaim Beauty, Freedom, Dignity, and Justice for all Syrians.
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